Calgary landscape design

Calgary landscape design means a lot more than nicely kept grass. A good landscape design company can also offer additional features such as well-constructed patios, retaining walls, and other installations. Landscape design companies with lots of expertise in the Calgary climate have both the size and the expertise to fulfill any vision you may have for your commercial or residential property.

Landscape design clients can transform their drab patio slabs into the entertainment spaces of their dreams. Commercial and residential landscaping services have experts that can sit down with your to draw up your vision in brick and mortar. Landscape design companies find it professionally satisfying than when we transform someone’s own piece of Calgary into their individual expression go their taste and style.

If you have an old concrete slab as the main feature of your backyard, a landscape design company can either rip out that old concrete or incorporate it into the installation. There are techniques to fit almost any budget that can take your backyard from anonymous to fabulous.

Plans have to be drawn up. To make retaining walls to code, not only do permits have to be obtained, but engineers have to be consulted. Even then, the right construction materials have to be ordered in the correct amounts and somehow they have to get to the installation site. Only a very few do-it-yourself enthusiasts have the logistic capabilities to tackle large landscaping construction projects.

Now think about the one and two man landscaping contractors in and around Calgary. Do they have the buying power at the building supply places that we do? The trucks? The expertise? The insurance we carry? You want your patio to last a lifetime and you want that retaining wall to hold the hillside out of your backyard, and off of your house or business, come what may.

Mirage Landscaping Has the Expertise

If you live in the Calgary area, and if you have a large scale landscaping project you want completed expertly, on time and on budget, you owe it to yourself to visit for a free to know more about Calgary landscape design . Projects such as patio installations and retaining wall construction are major investments in your property, and so treat them as such.